Bowery to Williamsburg – Melbourne, City – Saturday 28 June 2014 – Lunch


Going to an American deli five minutes after getting back from the States seems a rather odd thing to do. Circumstances led to my visit to Bowery To Williamsburg and one of those circumstances was nothing more than the restaurant having been on my short list for a reasonably lengthy time.

It was still busy enough at 2pm on a Saturday for us to have to wait about ten minutes. The staff warned that they “were under the pump” and mitigated any expectation that we would be served quickly.

A couple of Brooklyn Lagers (strangely lager is misspelled on the menu) came out quickly enough, and despite having been in the States and Brazil for three weeks, several of the options were jumping off the page at me. With my mate having chosen the Reuben over the sandwich of the day (today with salmon) I went with my second choice of the BBQ Pork Roll.

The medium sized roll itself was delicious – nicely toasted giving a nice crunch to each bite. Full of delicious BBQ pork and a slaw dominated by cabbage and parsley, it was hard to imagine having menu envy, but my mate’s Reuben was apparently at least equally delicious.

There’s no real fuss made here, and it is in so many respects the definition of an American style deli. My only disappointment was the Mac and Cheese being sold out but as our waitperson said “you need to get here early for that!” Something to look forward to next time.

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