Thanks Albert – Mornington – Saturday 15 April 2017 – Dinner

Being reasonably familiar with the Mornington strip, it seems there is a period of renaissance down the Main Street strip. Breaking the habit of going to DOC is difficult, but tonight I felt like trying Thanks Albert, whose burgers have been held in good regard for several months.

It is a nice looking, unassuming space, that is casual enough for families to dine comfortably, but also for a slightly more intimate setting too. There couldn’t be more than thirty seats inside, and outside tonight is out of the question, the autumn chill taking hold over this Easter break.

We are here for burgers, and I’ve always thought the best indication of quality comes from the house burger. If you are going to name a burger after the establishment, it better be one of the better choices. Also after simplicity, Catherine orders the Thanks Albert too, something we don’t often do. Chips are obligatory, of course.

Thanks Albert burger

The main surprise is the quality and diversity of the drinks list. There are several choices for local, Australian and International beers, and the wine list has some nice choices. We settle on a glass of the Margaret River chardonnay on offer, and a pinot noir made in the Yarra Valley. Service, whilst in a very casual place, is actually great, our waitperson taking more time than normal to go through the specials, and some tips for beginners here.

One of those specials was a very reasonable offer of two burgers, and the Easter dessert special. We didn’t go for it, only because there was an earlier agreement for Tutti Frutti gelato afterwards, which is a fantastic, off-strip, gelateria.

When the burger arrived, our already eager appetite grew stronger. The patty, cooked medium, is doused in cheese, with good looking pickles, in a brioche bun. We had earlier commented on the number of great looking pickle jars on the wall used as a display, and were glad the signature burger included several thickly sliced ones. The first few bites, with our hunger at its peak, were probably the better ones, but it is good quality, and a generous serving. The crinkle cut chips with paprika dusting were excellent, filling up any last gap in our appetite!

As we walked off our burgers, going up and down the strip, we quickly realised it is not just Thanks Albert that is making a more recent positive impact on the quality of dining in Mornington. There are several great looking options and we must go more out of our way to try them. Two that looked particularly appealing were Mr Jackson, and Play the Fool. Thanks Albert must be a welcome addition for locals and tourists alike. Next time we’ll need to sample a few more of the beverages on offer too.

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Big Boy BBQ – Richmond – Thursday 16 October 2014 – Dinner


Walking past a couple of times, and liking the name, was enough for me to check out Big Boy BBQ for a quick dinner.

It is thoroughly described on its menu but what sticks out to me is “slow food, fast”. It looks and acts like a fast food joint, but is serving slow cooked quality meats.

The similarities to a fast food joint make it a little uncomfortable and I almost walk out and on to one of the many Bridge Road competitors but I stop myself. I’m not sure why but going up to a counter, and ordering from a menu above it, has become intimidating to me!

Many of the options are for two people at the very least, so I order The New Yorker on Rye and a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. As I go to sit down in one of the comfortable booths I see a tray of meat go past and I note that if this sandwich is good I’ll be back with a group soon.

The New Yorker on Rye

The New Yorker on Rye

The New Yorker is a classic pastrami on rye with sauerkraut like slaw, and pickles, along with swiss cheese. The thin multi layered pastrami is delicious and surprisingly easy to bite through, adding to the enjoyment of the sandwich. It is a very good amount too, but I think that is fair for $15.

One thing I notice, and it is worth mentioning, is that the staff are nothing like fast food joint cashiers. Everyone seems happy, energised and there is a level of attentiveness in the service even though you order at the counter. It was quite refreshing. I was dining early and as it approached 7pm I was glad to see the joint get fuller and get some atmosphere.

Big Boy BBQ adds another point of difference on an increasingly good strip of Bridge Road in Richmond. It won’t be long at all until I’m back for the meat trays.

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