Richmond – Worker’s Guide

[Updated in December 2015]

I eat more often in Richmond than anywhere else which directly results from living and working in this glorious suburb.

The biggest revelation when I started working at my new job was not the midnight global calls, or five weeks of annual leave, but my work colleagues are all lovers of food! I have had more diversity and regularity of lunches out in Richmond than in the CBD where I worked for 5 years!

Here’s the script I was provided from day one. “We have our regulars that are tried and tested, we occasionally try new places, and we have some special places for team/occasion lunches.” I found that there were the regulars, and several others were “on rotation”, with many places put aside for regular team lunches, and some restaurants for bigger occasions. In any case, I was in heaven.

Being a Richmond local, and also a food lover, I was hoping to make my own mark on these rituals and from time to time I’ve been able to provide suggestions, or offer a confident “second that” for new places. We’ve tried and had success at Lumberjack, Reunion, Baby, Top Paddock, The Stables, Town House and a host of others. Romulus and Remus has now featured several times for team lunches and is great. In addition, The Common gladly opened across the way from our building.

So, here’s an attempt of my personal top places (and my nominated dish) for a “normal” weekday lunch in Richmond that will average out at $15-$20 for lunch with a coffee. If you have these on rotation, the working day will be that little bit sweeter! There’s no particular order by the way.

Lumberjack – whatever looks good in the cabinet
Reunion & Co – Ruben bagel
Denis The Menace – one of the baguettes
Fonda – fish and pork taco
Iris and the Secret Squirrel – pork slider and prawn and pork dumplings
Baby Cafe & Pizzeria – pizza to share
Top Paddock – steak sandwich
Meatball and Wine Bar – pork balls, green sauce, polenta
The Common Cafe – salami panini


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