I’ve lived in Melbourne for over 8 years. The whole food scene was one of the main reasons for the move from sunny Perth.

Over the years before moving here I was coming as a tourist more, and more! I had been coming for work and footy a bit and then one day I rocked up to Ezard by myself in 2002 and I was hooked.

After that each time I came to Melbourne revolved around horse racing and food; footy and food; work and food! In those early years places like Flower Drum, Reserve (George Columbaris was head chef at this great restaurant in Federation Square), Circa and Vue de Monde were awe-inspiring.

It was more than the fine diners though. The masses of markets, cafes, bars, pubs, patisseries and reasonably priced but terrific European and Asian restaurants is staggering. Not to mention an incredible regional scene.

Now I live here and never get over the changes and diversity with restaurants opening (and closing) constantly! The fun is trying to keep up. Going to the favourites on a regular basis, while checking out the latest and greatest, and supporting my local area at the same time.

I won’t list the restaurants from Melbourne that I’ve blogged about here because that is going to be the overwhelming focus of the blog itself, but I’m always happy to recommend places for any occasion so please ask! Recently I wrote about places I’ve been visiting multiple times, which is a good list of recommendations and dining suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Click here for the link to my various blogs on Zomato for Melbourne

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