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A recent meal at Mister Jennings

It is December 2017 and I’ve written 292 separate blogs – not one of them has been paid for by the venue, or was at the request of a venue to dine there. This is a key differentiator to many bloggers. If you want independent and experienced views, please support my blog.

I have been heavily into food and wine for almost a couple of decades.

I am not overly fussy and focus on the positives.  I move around, going to new restaurants very regularly, and only going back to a handful that I don’t consider convenient.

I grew up in Perth and spent my first 30 years of life there.  For the past 9 years I’ve lived in Melbourne and one of the predominant reasons was my love of food.

Perth has a lot of great places, but it’s not the same as a big city like Melbourne.  Though many of the new places are amazing.

In Melbourne there are people I know that go out almost every night and you can see that vibrancy spread across the city.  I am not in that extreme.  I like to cook too and I like to keep healthy.  That means a couple breakfasts out a week, 3 or 4 lunches out and a couple of dinners.

Australian Gourmet Traveller is my bible.  I have an OCD like need to tick off every restaurant featured and have started getting very close in Melbourne and Perth with a good chunk of Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane covered too.

Overseas I rely on Michelin, Zagats, TripAdvisor and anything else that has put me in the right direction more often than not.

For the same reasons above I try new places when I travel but often in the same rotation of cities. While I’ve had numerous trips to New York, Paris, Rome and London, I can count on one hand the places I’ve been to twice.

I don’t really have favourite foods and there is nothing (including offal) that I don’t like.  The often asked question about last meal is extremely difficult for me to answer but it would be something simple.

I’m different though with restaurants.  I do play favourites and it is usually the ones that live in my memory long after the end of the meal.  Per Se was matched (or slightly bettered!) by Eleven Madison Park, but throwing out a few of my favourites that are still around would be Attica, Arzak, Le Meurice and Tipo 00. Sepia was a recent favourite, and its move to Melbourne will be very exciting.

As much as I love a meal over several courses, a great breakfast, burger, dessert, cheese etc can be just as memorable.

Now I’m hungry!…

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