Boston Sub – Windsor – Thursday 9 February 2017 – Dinner

The Nelson

If you go to New York, chances are someone will recommend you trying a place with a secret door. There’s the snobbery of PDT (Please Don’t Tell) where you enter through a phone booth if you can bypass the uptight front of house, or the more down-to-earth Beauty & Essex where you enter through a pawn shop. A novel entry seems to have you in a good eager mood for lots of drinking!

Boston is not far down the road from New York in a relative sense. Boston Sub on the other hand is in Windsor, far closer for the average Melburnian. A quite stark white takeaway joint has a refrigerator door on the right that opens into a cocktail bar. Even knowing this is the case, the first time you hesitate before opening as if you might enter the joint’s cool room. The second time you are a pro and go straight through.

Classic poutine

It is hard to work out whether this is a cocktail bar with food, or a takeout joint with cocktails, but I’ll go with the former since the cocktails are skilfully made, and the surrounds are much more comfortable than your average Subway. Having tried a couple of them, I can say the subs are pretty good. Full of the main protein (I’ve tried The Nelson (pork) and The Ali (beef)), with the choice to add crackling (yes!), in light hotdog style buns for generally $7.50! They also have several poutines that seem to be chips with plenty of gravy and cheese, and other odds and ends smothered over them. The deluxe is entering instant heart-attack territory unless you are sharing with a few.

The Ali

The cocktails are well made, and diverse. There is a bit of a kooky element to some of them with the added 80s frills like fruit and umbrellas. It’s fun. The only drawback last time was one of the bar staff had a constant cough, meaning the attractiveness of ordering a second was reduced to zero.

It is not a large place, but there are both undercover, and outdoors tables, with a combination of comfy couches, bar stools, and mini stools. There is very little not to like with the exception of the *cough*.

Boston Sub is entered in a novel way with cheap (but good) eats and quality cocktails on offer. It is a combination that has caught on, and is sure to only get more popular.

Boston Sub Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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