Lawson Grove – South Yarra – Numerous Occasions – Breakfast and Lunch

French toast, with figs and maple

French toast, with figs and maple

Some cafes have a unique quality; a feeling; that is a reflection of many aspects of their fabric contrasted with your own broader personal experience. At Lawson Grove there is a warmth that is rare.

It could be the tucked away, leafy location, at the bottom of an art deco apartment building. It could be the friendliness of the staff and owners, or even the customers. It could be the quasi deli and milk bar type offerings. As that great Australian film summarised, perhaps it is “the vibe”.

One thing is for sure, all of these facets do not matter unless the food and coffee are up to the same level. At Lawson Grove they always are, and often exceed, what is needed to be talking about coming back before you leave.

Omelette with confit tomatoes and goat's cheese

Omelette with confit tomatoes and goat’s cheese

On the last occasion I was there, Catherine and I had breakfast. My French toast with figs and maple was absolutely delicious, and the perfect serve with balance to the sweetness. Catherine’s folded omelette was well executed and equally tasty.

The food on offer is diverse. I’ve had a version of Heston Blumenthal’s burger on a couple of occasions and it is memorable. There are often pulled pork tacos that seem to disappear as if the chef doubles as a magician. The menu keeps vibrant and varied, meaning that a regular visitor will often not be able to get what they came for, but leave with a new favourite.

The coffee is a good enough standard to simply go and enjoy it alone, whether on one of the cute outside tables, the curb on the quiet side street, or inside in the warmth. Every time I’m there the staff are saying hi to regular customers who may or may not be good friends. Not being able to tell is the secret to why Lawson Grove is such an enjoyable place to go.

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