Pillar Of Salt – Richmond – Sunday 14 March 2016 – Breakfast

Chilli scrambled eggs

Chilli scrambled eggs

There is a secret behind some places that I have no idea how to work out. They somehow have an excessively better looking crowd than the rest. Normally there is some exclusion policy for people looking like me, but not here!

While there’s no exclusion policy at Pillar Of Salt, there is a sense sometimes that you have snuck into somewhere you shouldn’t be. Sure, there are tables of normal people, but there is always more than a few tables of really really good looking people too. Maybe that is why after a few tries I haven’t been back in years.

Some plastic surgery and other cosmetic assistance later and I’ve accidentally entered the premises with a mate the morning after a huge night out. I never planned to, but now Pillar Of Salt is just down the road, and we really didn’t have the strength to walk any further than we needed to. Of course, once we are seated, we are right next to two people that are going to a Zoolander premiere after breakfast (though it is now midday).

I need coffee quick, and some good food to follow. The Columbian single origin does the job right to begin with. Next comes the red chilli scrambled eggs with julienne bacon, spring onion, and grana padano. While it is well presented, the most obvious observation is that it is a huge serving. The classic combination is well seasoned and has the right hit from the chilli. According to Guy, his eggs benedict with jamon is a good choice too.

It’s apparent that there are not only large serves, but the prices are extremely reasonable too. Service is relaxed but available, and the food comes out quickly. Pillar Of Salt is now a long standing Richmond cafe and there is good reason why the lines have never eased up.

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