Pho Hung Vuong 2 – Richmond – Friday 13 November 2015 – Dinner

Shredded beef and brisket pho

Shredded beef and brisket pho

There is a lot to love, and a lot to put up with, when dining on Victoria Street. At times the less appealing aspects (to put it lightly) ruin the whole experience.

Tonight we had walked for around 30 minutes to get here so it was only hunger, and the promise of some good pho, that meant we didn’t turn around and head back to safety. All I can say is that Victoria Street needs a dramatic clean-up, which I’m sure all the good businesses on the street have been asking for (for a long time). Luckily the unsavoury characters outside are not interested in soup, and the door of Pho Hung Vuong 2 provides a degree of separation.

Prawn spring rolls

Prawn spring rolls

While we are here for a soup, we begin with the prawn spring rolls. Wrapping in the lettuce as tradition dictates, and dipping in the sauce, there is nothing quite like a very good quality spring roll to get proceedings underway. These are thin and crisp, but the room inside is filled with delicious juicy prawn meat and nothing else.

Chicken pho

Chicken pho

I go with the beef and brisket pho and Catherine with the chicken pho. Both have slightly different broths and we both add a good covering of bean shoots and Thai basil; in addition I add a decent splatter of chilli which packs a good punch. There is comfort in soup, but I find good pho has that bit more complexity; a taste I’m used to but still find as interesting as a new experience. Freshness from the additions, and filling satisfaction from the noodles and added meat.

Pho Hung Vuong 2 has a sister restaurant in Springvale too, which I’m told is just as good. There is nothing to note about the service or décor, except the fact that the restaurant is full and the reason is the soup. We will be back but one day I hope a lot of the unsavoury aspects outside are gone.

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