Hawker Hall – Windsor – Friday 27 November 2015 – Lunch

Hainanese BBQ chicken with rice

Hainanese BBQ chicken with rice

Risk is all relative. The team from Chin Chin must have realised that the risk of opening a monstrous restaurant on Chapel Street in Windsor is inherently risky, but given their success across the board, Hawker Hall seems the next natural step.

While it is one very large room, there are various areas of seating, including comfortable booths that seat up to six where we are today. Our rapport with our main waitperson was not amazing, but when dining in a group over a quick hour lunch, that isn’t so important.

Not long after sitting we are ordering collectively, choosing Hainanese BBQ chicken and rice, Malaysian beef rendang curry (with rice), stir fried sweet and sour squid, yellow curry egg noodle with tofu and green beans, and some prawn and ginger dumplings. For drinks they have an excellent selection of both bottled and tap beers which is the go. My Cavalier Brown on tap is quite delicious. The mule on the other hand, naturally on the cocktail menu, did not reach similar heights and was a bit too sweet.

When the dishes came out, especially the rendang curry, they appeared on the small side. However, given their flavour content and richness, this was quickly forgotten. The randang in particular was superb with deep flavour and really tender beef. The other dishes were all nice and had good amounts of spice, with more sophistication than you would expect of “hawker” food. The only relative let down was the Hainanese BBQ chicken which had only marginal flavour, but was still a decent dish.

While we could have probably gone for one more dish between the five of us, and had to get two serves of the dumplings as upping the serve of four to five was not allowed by the kitchen, this was a nice meal, reasonably priced, in a good looking venue that suits the area. As we left there was a line of around ten people waiting. A full monstrously sized restaurant sounds like success to me.

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