Hong Kong BBQ House – Northbridge – Thursday 8 October 2015 – Dinner

Roast Duck

Roast Duck

While I had been to Hong Kong a couple of times as a pre-teen, the time I travelled there as an adult was informed, food wise, mainly by visits to Northbridge dim sum joints, and the great Hong Kong BBQ. This temple of roast duck and pork has been around for over twenty years and I have been eating here almost as long.

These days it has been tastefully renovated and is a slick version of what it once was décor wise. Luckily there is no difference in the friendliness of the service, or indeed the quality of the food, at incredibly reasonable prices.

Tonight we are out for my Brother’s birthday and while there are a few pre-requisites, the main requirement is to order more than just duck and pork, and to order liberally! It is a must to do at least one roast meat and we opt for the roast duck. As you must expect, the duck meat is succulent, while the skin is crisp and flavoursome. Vying for the breast pieces in the middle initially then turned into scrapping for any remainders, such is the deliciousness of this skillfully prepared roast bird.

Satay beef

Satay beef

We have several other mains including the satay beef. It is simply presented on a large iceberg lettuce leaf, oozing in delicious satay sauce and nicely cooked to stay tender. There is not a drop of the sauce by the end as it is used to mop up the remaining steamed rice.

The seafood fried rice is superb, with large chunks of calamari, prawns, and even scallops. The rice is not overly oily, but has enough soy for that addictive salty taste. We also have the honey king prawn, which features huge fresh prawns. However, it is probably my least favourite dish, mainly because the others are great rather than this being average.

Honey King Prawn

Honey King Prawn

To freshen things up we also had a dish of Gai Lan with oyster sauce which is excellent. Nice and simple without glutinous texture making it more refreshing than many other versions.

Here the service is brisk, but friendly, and the BYO policy for wine adds to the value. Even the glassware is above average for a restaurant that allows BYO. There is plenty of beer like Tsing-Tao to go around and the final bill is a pleasant reminder that you actually can eat great food cheaply in Perth.

Gai Lan in Oyster Sauce

Gai Lan in Oyster Sauce

Hong Kong BBQ is one of those established places that I feel very comfortable. I’ve eaten here in large groups of family and friends, but also come alone to enjoy simply cooked roast meat, some vegetables and a beer. It will hopefully be around for many decades to come, and I’ll continue to visit.

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