Jimmy Grants – Richmond – Numerous Occasions – Lunch and Dinner

IMG_4137Unusually, Jimmy Grants has barely been open a few weeks and I am already past my third sitting. Such is the pull of a genuine souva that every time a hat drops I seem to be back.

That’s not to say that it is some impeccable gastro temple. In the end it is a comfortable place to eat what would ordinarily be categorised as takeaway style fast food, or worse, “late night snacks”! However, like many simple things in life, the ability to focus and provide the punters with exactly what they want is going to be attractive.
I have decided I like Mr Papadopolous better than Nonna Maria’s souva, the lamb in my experience deeper in flavour than the chicken, but I’ll be continuing to compare. The well seasoned chips protruding from the pita on top of the lamb or chicken reminds me of my time in Athens and Santorini, and the cooked onion and parsley are enough to sustain me for lunch or a lighter dinner. The pita itself is excellent most times.

The chips have always seemed to be perfect, and when ordered as a side come with garlic oil, feta, and oregano, just to add to the guilt. If you want salad you can order it on the side, or in the souva, but I haven’t tried that yet. Grabbing a wagon wheel for later or immediately after is also an option. They are pretty good but for me best to share.
One aspect that is much better than Fitzroy is the layout. It is much more functional given there are seemingly equal numbers dining in and taking away. Staff are reasonably good in the first few weeks but we have had one time where orders were mucked up with a quick resolution showing good initiative. One thing they might want to do less is hover. Sometimes you are still chewing your last bite when they are clearing your plate. Nice to keep a tidy restaurant, but also nice to not annoy the patrons.

I have been waiting for Jimmy Grant’s in Richmond for some time. For around a year there was a sign on the wall that “Jimmy is coming” and the entrance has been nothing short of spectacular. The ability to now get off on the corner of Swan and Church and have access to Jimmy’s, Fonda, Messina, Meatball, Meatmother, and Hunky Dory, not to mention the soon to arrive Belle’s, all within a couple of minutes walk, is just heavenly.

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