Trentham Estate Winery – Trentham Cliffs – Wednesday 29 July 2015 – Lunch

IMG_3989_2A visit to the cellar door is always a good idea, time permitting, prior to lunch at a winery. Today we have fifteen minutes to spare and it’s not too busy. The cellar door at Trentham Estate Winery overlooks the Murray River on the NSW side. It’s a novelty for me that our impending lunch is in NSW and dinner is in Victoria.

We have an opportunity to try several whites and reds on a list that must run into twenty wines, most available for tasting. They are all reasonably priced and I really should have grabbed a bottle of the nebbiolo which I quite enjoyed. However, we run out of time and need to be next door for lunch, leaving a very comfortable pot belly fire in our wake.

The restaurant is nice and warm, and the welcome matches. Naturally, the focus of the tables is towards the gorgeous view of the Murray and lawns outside. The room itself is simple, with wooden furnishings and natural tones. Deciding between the diverse types of dishes is proving a challenge. Catherine narrows her choices down to two and I can’t decide so I offer to order the Murray cod and she can get her other choice of the gnocchi.
My decision proves a winner but unfortunately her decision does not. The gnocchi is served with green beans, asparagus, broccolini and green peas. The gnocchi itself is finished off in the pan before being covered by the green sauce which, except for the peas, is all combined. There is not a great deal to like about this dish with quite doughy gnocchi, and a sauce that is not well seasoned, tasting of little given the spectacular fresh offerings in this region.

The Murray cod is on the other hand fantastic. Fresh and just cooked through, the flesh of the fish is beautiful. When combined with an expertly prepared lemon beurre blanc, boulangere potatoes, and fresh asparagus, every mouthful is divine.
When our waitperson comes to clear our dishes and notices Catherine’s half eaten gnocchi she politely enquires whether there is any issue. As nicely as possible she describes the lack of flavour and doughy gnocchi and our waitperson instantly, against our protests, takes the dish off the bill. A terrifically fast response to customer feedback.

We decide to stick on and try the millefeuille which is a good choice. The sheets of pastry are nice and crisp and in between is plenty of sweet cream with a tasty raspberry sauce. It is not incredible but it is very nice.

Trentham Estate Winery is a pleasant place to enjoy a relaxing lunch overlooking the Murray. While the food let us down today, the response and the service in general was excellent.

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