Spoons Riverside – Swan Hill – Tuesday 28 July 2015 – Lunch

IMG_3971_2Three hours into our drive to Mildura we had taken the slightly longer route to try Spoons Riverside in Swan Hill. It is a nicer drive along with Murray so the extra twenty or so minutes is worth it.

The reputation of this café proceeds it, and we know a number of people who have recommended it. There is plenty of room at lunch on this cool Tuesday in winter. However we couldn’t resist braving the cold in consideration for the magnificient view of the Murray River and surrounds.
The waitstaff are fantastic at not forgetting about us even though there is less than a handful of tables being utilised outside. Catherine orders the avocado, quinoa, tomato, and feta on Turkish bread and I opt for the pie special.

The pie is great, particularly the pastry, encasing a creamy chicken and carrot filling, alongside some mash. The side salad was nice and fresh and the chutney worked well. Catherine’s avocado toast combines all the ingredients nicely with a good splash of balsamic. It is fresh, flavoursome and vibrant like this classic combination should be.
While we need to get back on the road soon, there is nothing that can stop us from taking in the view for a little longer. Eventually the cool air gets the better of us, but this was a terrific place to stop by.

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