Bread & Bone Wood Grill – Adelaide, City – Sunday 2 August 2015 – Dinner

IMG_4084_2After three of the more expensive dinners we’ve had in some time it was time to find a dinner that we could afford with the remaining budget dwindling quickly. Answering our prayers was Bread & Bone Wood Grill, an American style comfort food joint hidden down one of Adelaide’s laneways.

We had come earlier to check if we should reserve a table and were told to come back early evening to be assured of getting a table. Now early on Sunday evening it was fast becoming full with tables large and small. This bar restaurant is modestly adorned with light tanned wood, looking sparse when empty, but now buzzing with noisy conversation.
The menu is full of burgers, hotdogs, fried chicken and many other foods you would like to eat more often. I blame places like Belles and Rockwell back home but fried chicken is addictive so we order Bread & Bone’s version to share. We also are intrigued by the hotdogs so we share the simple version served with only some sauce and sauerkraut.

The hotdog comes in a brioche hotdog bun which is excellent. The sausage is full of flavour and the sauerkraut, as well as the salty fries, are delicious. The fried chicken is a nice servicing, coming with some coleslaw that makes us feel a touch healthier. The chicken is moist and the batter is great, but somehow the highlight was the hotdog.
Having enjoyed the vibe at Bread and Bone we decide to stay a little longer for dessert. The salted peanut brittle softserve, with caramel popcorn is cheap, sweet and different enough to have that hint of interest. We do not regret having tried it one bit!

While Bread & Bone offers a more diverse menu than some other American style places we go to, that doesn’t mean the focus on good food is lessened. In such a big space, it seems the floorstaff are run off their feet, but have a reasonable rhythm to get to tables before your experience is hindered. There’s every chance that we’ll be back on a future trip for a beer and a dog.

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