40’s Cafe – Angaston, Barossa – Thursday 30 July 2015 – Lunch

IMG_4630My geography in South Australia generally is not great. On our way into Adelaide from Mildura I did not actually realise we were in the Barossa, but it was a pleasant surprise!

Still over an hour out from the CBD and quite hungry, we got out Zomato and had a look. Not far away in Angaston were several attractive options. We chose 40’s Café which specialises in Pizza, both traditional, and non-traditional.

We had a glass of Outlaw Shiraz which was one of several Outlaw wines offered at a very reasonable price. One thing that was obvious was the high alcohol content in the wine with all that prune-y goodness; when in Rome.

Unusually, we decided to try one of the non-traditional pizzas and the Publican Special jumped out given our appetite. Shultz’s bacon, salami, and pepperoni all feature heavily, along with plenty of chopped capsicum, olive, mushroom, and jalapenos, covered by plenty of cheese with a generous helping of anchovies scattered too. The result was actually really tasty, showing that there was no need for hesitation, and the accolades shown around the café are well earned. The jalapenos were not strikingly hot, but did build up. If adverse to too much build up of heat it is worth holding the chilli because it is difficult to remove being finely chopped.

The pizza was finished easily, washed down by the big Barossa shiraz. A satisfying meal to help with the onward journey.

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