Three Blue Ducks – Bronte – Monday 6 April 2015 – Breakfast


Breakfast is different in Sydney. Every time I come to Sydney I seek out one of the best because breakfast is one of my favourite activities whether it be at home in Melbourne, across the country in Perth, or far away overseas. In Sydney, it is often sunny and bright; people are a bit more done up; and many of the good cafes verge more on the cool than the hip.

The downfall in some of the top Sydney cafes is the sameness of the food offerings. Today at Three Blue Ducks we are banking on exceptional breakfast food set apart from the crowd. No easy expectation.

We wait about ten minutes in pleasant Easter sunshine for our table in an extremely busy, and large, restaurant with plenty of outdoor seating, and lots of breezy sections inside too. We got lucky because we are on a bench completely open to the beautiful day outside, but out of direct sunlight. The crowd waiting ebbs and flows out the front, adding some interest to an otherwise normal street setting removed a few hundred metres from the beach.


We are off to the races which have been delayed after heavy rains on the Saturday. I play it safe and order poached eggs and bacon, but Catherine takes a risk ordering the bacon and egg roll. The poached eggs and bacon is not as I expected when it is presented. There is plenty of tomato and basil on the plate and there is a pesto spread over the toast, along with some hollandaise sauce on the side.

What I ordered is excellent. The poached eggs perfectly cooked, and the bacon full of flavour. The unexpected ingredients are deep in flavour. Some of the best tomatoes I’ve eaten recently, and the aroma of the basil is only matched by its flavour. Also a little unexpected was the price tag but I can let that go given the flavour. Catherine’s bacon and organic egg roll with pimento salsa and hollandaise was delicious too. Packed full of each tasty ingredient the bread roll was soft and giving like it needed to be.

Service had been pleasant and the coffee up to scratch too, without being exceptional. The focus here is definitely on the food, and I’ll be on the lookout for anywhere else in Sydney that can match the flavour in what are reasonably straightforward breakfast dishes.

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