Lucy Liu continues to shine

Barramundi and scampi dumplings

Barramundi and scampi dumplings (from last visit)

Catherine and I were back at Lucy Liu on a Sunday night with four other friends recently (see previous review here). The food and its execution seems to have stepped up even further than the last visit, and the restaurant was full for both the earlier and later sittings.

Our friends were very complimentary of the service, but even more satisfied with the food. We ordered the chicken wings, yellow fin tuna tataki, barramundi and scampi dumplings, crispy pork buns, crispy fried Szechuan duck, Korean style crispy pork hock, and sides of spiced green apple coleslaw, and green beans and mizuna salad.

Every dish was excellent with several being suggested as favourites. Personally the dumplings were my early favourite with beautiful wrappers in particular. Later, the table favourite was the pork hock when combined with the pancakes and hoi sin sauce. The duck was rich in flavour, but the pork hock was so generous, providing a bit of theatre (and hard work) for the person responsible for carving.

It seems not even a year in and Lucy Liu is really cutting its teeth in the dining district that has the deepest offerings in the whole of Melbourne. Another excellent experience.

Lucy Liu Kitchen and Bar on Urbanspoon


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