Coffee and scrambled eggs – part 2

Still feeling wanting from my scrambled eggs miss from a couple of days prior at Sprolo I ordered the same again.

Boucla Kafenion is a cafe I’ve occasionally grabbed a coffee from while visiting Jean Claude Patisserie for any one or more of baguette, pie, cake or bread. The coffee is passable and not bad but the focus is not specifically on coffee so my hope is the food is excellent.

It’s a nice place and sitting out the front on a sunny morning is perfect. It is busy and the staff are in good spirits. However it is also the sixth cafe I’ve visited in a row in Perth that has no table service. I still don’t understand why it is so hard?

So as I eluded to, I ordered the scrambled eggs on toast. They are presented in a cool rustic terracotta plate with high edges. Once I got over the fact that again the bread was not buttered (and further no butter was offered) I then had to wait for some salt and pepper. Now I was ready and all I can say is breakfast was plain. I needed to add salt three times which I never ever do, nor should need to.

I don’t want to go on, but I can do passable scrambled eggs at home, adding a touch of Parmesan for extra flavour and making sure they are slowly cooked to retain moisture and fluffiness. It is not hard but yet I can never match the best cafes and their cream additions and extra saltiness that many home cooks just can’t morally throw in. It is one thing to know what is added, and another thing to add it yourself! Well, I can beat (pardon the pun) these eggs, and I can butter toast.

I won’t be back at Boucla. It really is a nice spot but around the corner is Little Pantry and there are other places I haven’t yet tried. It’s time for some surprises and improvement.

Boucla Kafenion on Urbanspoon


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