Bottle of Milk – Lorne – Monday 16 March 2015 – Lunch

IMG_3541On our way to the Twelve Apostles I’d been given strong instructions by an Aireys Inlet regular that there are three main places to stop on the way. The first, A La Grecque, I knew about as it has been acclaimed for some time, but was not the quick lunch we were looking for. The third, The Wye River General Store, was a bit far for the time of the day we were looking for. The second was just right!

I hadn’t been to Bottle of Milk on previous trips to Lorne and I have no idea why? It is a good looking, broad fronted burger joint, with Seven Seeds coffee. I can only imagine it has changed over time or I was blind!
In any case, it was the perfect place for lunch today. The menu is displayed at the entrance on large signage and once ready you order at the counter. The burgers are true to both the countryside and 2008 when it opened. Nice big juicy patties, traditional sourdough buns and tasty trimmings including lettuce, tomato, onion, house made mayo and homemade tomato relish. Obviously our cheeseburger contained a further key ingredient. The chips on the side were terrific with the caveat that the four of us could have shared one instead of two.

The Seven Seeds espresso I tried was well made for a burger joint too. Something that particularly surprised me was how busy it was on a Monday for lunch. Even so the wait time for burgers at the height of lunch was more than reasonable, and the chips came first which is a nice touch when you’re hungry.

Bottle of Milk is a top place to have a quick feed and the next time I’m in Lorne for a holiday I’m sure there will be multiple encounters.

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