Little Pantry – Subiaco – Saturday 31 January 2015 – Lunch

Spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, chorizo and feta

Spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, bacon and feta

Having had a really good experience at Little Pantry some months ago for breakfast brought me back today for lunch. On that occasion I was surprised at the finesse of some of the Italian offerings ordered by others on the table.

Today Catherine and I launch straight into lunch, sitting out the back undercover on a beautiful sunny day despite the humidity. Catherine ordered the ravioli. The dishes are all on a small clip board at the front counter where you order so we didn’t catch the full description, but the ravioli had what we believe was ricotta and silverbeet, in a rich tomato sauce. Freshly made, but not in-house, the pasta has that special texture and flavour that you only get when traditionally made. In fact it wasn’t expressed on the board so we asked following the meal to confirm and our suspicion was right.

Ravioli with tomato sauce and parmesan

Ravioli with tomato sauce and parmesan

My spaghetti dish (which was closer to linguine) with cherry tomatoes, bacon and feta, was exceptional at the price-point. For less than $20 this dish had everything you could ask for – good texture from the al dente pasta, and fresh, good quality ingredients, that combine well.  The bacon in particular was more akin to pork belly, cut thicker, with a good proportion of fatty flavour.

We were in and out quickly to get to our next appointment, but there is no doubt we’ll be back for what is a tremendous offering at breakfast or lunch.

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