Gami – Melbourne, City – Saturday 17 January 2015 – Dinner

Original fried chicken

Original fried chicken

Fried chicken is not a theme. It is a proven indulgent way to serve poultry. Korean is a theme, that is growing so quickly it will become the norm. There’s no kim chi here, but there is a lot of Korean fried chicken.

Gami has been busy from the first time I partook a couple of years ago, through to this evening. Its mission is fairly straightforward. Offer lots of fried chicken and beer, with a few different options on flavourings, and keep the price reasonable. It’s a mission it delivers on.


The chicken here is succulent, cooked through, but not overcooked, with a delicious crust, fried consistently, without being horribly oily. There is lots of it too. Today we’ve gone for the original given Simon’s intolerance for chilli, but in the past I’ve tried them all. Garlic and soy, and chilli, seem to be the favourites of the regulars. And you can choose to have half and half too.

The jugs of beer is the absolute bonus. This isn’t the place to sit around dwelling on life. You sit, order, eat, and run. In between, having a cleansing ale to wash down the fried chicken is about as much satisfaction as you can get.

The thing I like so much about Gami, and several other places that have opened in recent years in and around the city, is that they do not offer every type of cuisine and dish. They do one or two things, and they smash them out of the park consistently. When you come here you know what you are getting.

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