The Stanton Social – LES, New York – Sunday 26 October 2014 – Brunch

Croque Monsieur Satays

Croque Monsieur Satays

Brunch is a completely different meal over here in New York than the all day breakfast that is the norm of Melbourne. For starters, The Stanton Social doesn’t even open until the very civilised time of 11am, which happens to be about the time we normally go for breakfast anyway.

What we didn’t quite realise is that TSS has a menu that is all about sharing rich morsels of loosely breakfast type food. Sharing around five dishes for two people is recommended, but when we viewed the size of the portions, and the rich flavours being amplified in each dish, we settled on three.

Chicken taquito

Chicken taquito

I ordered a Bloody Mary which uses fresh tomato pulp and it was different in a good way. The double espresso I also ordered was different in a very mediocre way and I realise that brunch is not all about coffee the way I’m used to. It happens that instead of ordering any more coffee I tried El Ray across the street which had a terrific blend, producing an espresso with depth and savoury hues.
Catherine was served her sweet freshly squeezed OJ and we started on our first dish of pierogies filled with potato and goat’s cheese, topped with caramelised onions, with a sauce of truffled creme fraiche. The pierogies were not as soft as I expected but were a delicious start.

Next we turned to my favourite, the croque monsieur satays which could not be any more decadent. The muenster and gruyere cheeses were all encompassing, but not overpowering the ham and brioche, the later still maintaining its shape. It was the kind of dish you want to be able to eat again tomorrow, but only a small taste each time!



To finish we tried the chicken taquito which was the most normal of our dishes featuring good flavour from the chicken minced with spices, the red pepper sauce, and tasty guacamole rounding it out.

As you look around at the staff and customers you know this is one of the hip places for brunch in New York. If the sun went down you could easily see TSS transform into a vibing bar with no effort at all. It is a cool place that would be fun to see back home, but seems special to the big apple.

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