Big Boy BBQ – Richmond – Thursday 16 October 2014 – Dinner


Walking past a couple of times, and liking the name, was enough for me to check out Big Boy BBQ for a quick dinner.

It is thoroughly described on its menu but what sticks out to me is “slow food, fast”. It looks and acts like a fast food joint, but is serving slow cooked quality meats.

The similarities to a fast food joint make it a little uncomfortable and I almost walk out and on to one of the many Bridge Road competitors but I stop myself. I’m not sure why but going up to a counter, and ordering from a menu above it, has become intimidating to me!

Many of the options are for two people at the very least, so I order The New Yorker on Rye and a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. As I go to sit down in one of the comfortable booths I see a tray of meat go past and I note that if this sandwich is good I’ll be back with a group soon.

The New Yorker on Rye

The New Yorker on Rye

The New Yorker is a classic pastrami on rye with sauerkraut like slaw, and pickles, along with swiss cheese. The thin multi layered pastrami is delicious and surprisingly easy to bite through, adding to the enjoyment of the sandwich. It is a very good amount too, but I think that is fair for $15.

One thing I notice, and it is worth mentioning, is that the staff are nothing like fast food joint cashiers. Everyone seems happy, energised and there is a level of attentiveness in the service even though you order at the counter. It was quite refreshing. I was dining early and as it approached 7pm I was glad to see the joint get fuller and get some atmosphere.

Big Boy BBQ adds another point of difference on an increasingly good strip of Bridge Road in Richmond. It won’t be long at all until I’m back for the meat trays.

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