Jean Claude Patisserie – Subiaco –Numerous Occasions – Weekdays Only!

IMG_2576Thinking of Jean Claude Patisserie brings a smile to my face. It is hard to remember a better patisserie in Perth before it opened, and all patisseries since hope to match the popularity (and quality) that has been present at Jean Claude for decades.

I started marveling at what Jean Claude produces almost twenty years ago and realised back then that I was far from alone. Those were the days it was open for all, and then some, of the weekend. The only longer line outside a bakery door was in Rottnest and maybe Dunsborough. Most back then would remember the disappointment of missing out on the last [you name it!]

Sure, I feel a little aged writing this, but it is incredible the baguettes now are exactly the same as they were back then! It leaves you in awe thinking about how maybe in another 50 years I’ll be still coming here for the same smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers baguette that I did 68 years prior! The crunch of the outside revealing the soft bread and divine smoked salmon filling.

Smoked Salmon Baguette

Smoked Salmon Baguette

The doughnuts are first class. In this age of the doughnut, it has not changed, and doesn’t need to. The breads are first rate; the pies and sausage rolls are special. My main memory though is some of the technically challenging sweet pastries and tarts which are some of the most delicious I’ve had in Perth, and much further abroad. I had my first strawberry flan at Jean Claude, and still think of the Jean Claude touch when I eat them anywhere. The almond, and the chocolate, croissants are heavenly.

There are times where in the search for the next big thing we get bored of the last big thing. Jean Claude produces patisserie fare that is an outstanding exception, and impossible to see being passé at any time.

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