The Bridge Hotel – Richmond – Friday 5 September 2014 – Lunch

There is a wow factor the first time you come across the fitout at The Bridge Hotel. Architecturally one of the coolest pubs you can imagine, though impossible to find your friends in one of the several nooks and crannies!

It’s now a few years old and is established and busy, but not quite as crazy as the months after opening. The owners did the right thing. You need to have a point of difference and excitement on this part of Bridge Road that is not geographically endowed. The “Karma Keg” on Friday afternoon is a fun idea, and the drinks on offer are diverse, adding further interest from the tried and tested.

We are here for Friday lunch and get one of the booths in the dining section. I’ve been here a few times and find that the burger is a clear winner if you have a good appetite. It has all the trimmings with bacon and eggs, and is a bit more old school with a “normal” bun and well sized pattie meaning the burger doesn’t fall to pieces after a couple bites. The chips are always pretty tasty here with the obligatory beer batter for serious connoisseurs!

There are other pub favourites on offer with the parma proving hard for several of us to go past. It looks great. The service is good for a pub and it helps we are in a part of the dining area that seems to be naturally well attended. The only unusual aspect of note was the lack of English breakfast tea on offer. Sure we are in a pub, but there is a hotel across the road and a petrol station too. Thinking on your feet is not that hard (especially when they have plenty of green tea going around!)

Once you have seen the transformation of the Bridge Hotel the initial wow factor abates. What is left is a great quality pub to have a drink in any one of seven or eight settings and some nice food.

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