Qantas – Melbourne to Perth – Breakfast

IMG_2408Does anyone review plane food? I can’t recall reading one, but why would you. There are only two choices – take the tray or decline.

I normally take the tray. I wonder suspiciously why the person next to me occasionally doesn’t take the tray. You too good for the tray?

I’m eating at Lalla Rookh in Perth tonight but that doesn’t mean I don’t need breakfast. Actually, on top of my one and a half Weetbix at 6.30am it is my second breakfast.

Today’s choice is between the muesli that I would normally have and “omelette with beans”. What could be wrong with omelette and beans? That is my choice.

I am a little OCD. On a plane I think that can help. You need to plan when dining in such a cramped space and you need to protect yourself if you are straight to meetings! The serviette goes under the tray on to my lap to keep it in position. By this stage the person next to me that doesn’t take the tray is probably thinking “this guy’s a little odd!”

The hot part of the tray is interesting. On the left we have the beans in a tomato sauce. In the middle a disk of egg with some zucchini covering and on the right we have some bacon covered by a Roma tomato that is struggling for life. Everything is fine. I think it would be better if the whole tray was just the beans, which can live forever as my lifetime of baked beans experience proves. The egg and bacon are pass marks. The zucchini and tomato are honourable attempts but they have failed.

I eat the yoghurt and tell myself wow you are a healthy bloke. Then I look at my cake. I wouldn’t eat the sugary lump but it says “bakery temptations” and the name appeals. I’m not even hungry, but I eat it as I drink my tea. It was there and it’s a long flight!

The service today has been spectacular and I say that without a hint of sarcasm. It seems that with a few less numbers on the flight and the profitability issues at Qantas (and the flight staff are genuinely nice) that service is at an all time high.

I’m travelling with Catherine and the other nice thing is we have empty seats next to us. This means I don’t need to explain the rules of where knees can expand out to, how it is rude to take both arm rests, that there is a balance when it comes to leaning your seat back, and that you need to cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing. Often I explain with gestures – knocking someone’s knees or elbowing them in the ribs (not really).

People say that it is not always the place, it is the journey. As much as I might try, when it comes to flights you can take your journey along with the humble attempt at the food. It is about the place and the restaurants and bars that await!

Post Script – on the way home I was travelling late afternoon and had a choice of some sort of pork and sweet chilli or butter chicken. The butter chicken is a good option. The rice is well cooked and the thigh meat of the chicken is tasty enough. What was strange was I asked for a Chardonnay and they said how about sauv blanc and I said “I’d prefer Chardonnay” to which they offered sparkling? Five minutes later I had my Chardonnay but had finished my meal and should have just asked for a James Squire beer! Obviously not a big deal at all but next time someone asks me for a Shiraz I’ll offer them Cab Sauv and then sparkling Shiraz next and see what they think!


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