The Premises – Kensington – Saturday 9 August 2014 – Breakfast

BBQ breakfast roll

BBQ breakfast roll

Even though we are across from Kensington Station, there is something about this village that makes it feel tucked away. It could just be a feeling, or the fact we have driven quite a few kilometres to get here. It isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last because there is something very good about The Premises.

Last night I was at the Haven Foundation Ball at Town Hall. It was a fun night with plenty of imbibing, which is the polite way to drink a lot of wine! I desperately needed a couple of good coffees and some grease to pick me up. What better way to continue a quality beginning to the weekend than to combine Newmarket bacon, fried egg and Nana Kath’s BBQ sauce in a delicious fluffy roll! The bacon has some serious flavour and the BBQ sauce is delectable. Luckily I spotted the yolk hanging slightly out of the roll, turning it away from me before it launched onto the plate! Catherine also tried the Newmarket bacon but with poached eggs, and beautiful multigrain bread which shone just as bright as the perfect runny yolk of the eggs.

Single origin from Guatemala

Single origin from Guatemala

At the same time I was enjoying a couple terrific cups of the Guatemalan single origin that is made with a lot of love and care. The coffee at The Premises truly sets it apart from other great local cafes. You can taste the quality, the long black not completely failed by the addition of too much hot water or over extraction, meaning each sip has length and a richness that is often sadly missed.

Poached eggs and bacon

Poached eggs and bacon

The other dishes going around looked terrific. The special of the pulled pork (set out in a deconstructed fashion on a rectangular wooden board) was especially popular. The waitstaff here are good at explaining the dishes and the coffee specials on offer too. You’re never left hanging too long and the wait time to get a table is usually less than 15 minutes.

The Premises has a diverse crowd with many locals lucky enough to be regulars and quite a few checking it out because of the especially good reviews over a number of years. It’s a good size and always has a nice friendly atmosphere. We came one time to check it out and have felt a craving to go back regularly ever since. That is a quality in a cafe that you can’t create overnight.

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