Spread Eagle Hotel – Richmond – Saturday 19 July 2014 – Lunch

Classic parma

Classic parma

Twelve dollar parmas. There was a time when on a Sunday night you could get a very good classic chicken parmigiana for $12 at the Spready in Richmond!

These days that great deal that lasted most of my first five years in Melbourne is sadly gone. The Spread Eagle Hotel has been around long before I arrived though. It was a place of ill repute for some time based on what I’ve heard and one of the first instalments of the Underbelly series. It is still loved by locals but thankfully for different reasons!

On a normal day it is as likely I’m there for beer and the footy as a feed. Lately more the later. Though today it is a final catch up (for a while) and there is an air of reflection.

There is a pub like this in every area, sometimes on every corner of a suburb. The food and service is much the same. Solid stuff, completely enjoyable, fulfilling too, but not necessarily anything you can’t have a go at yourself.

My parma wasn’t as quite as good as I remember it can be here, but memories are so often recreated with fondness as time goes by. This was more about the company I was sharing and the atmosphere of the pub. I finished it and enjoyed it. It won’t be my last try either.

The chicken itself is a good size and cooked nicely. The crumb was a touch soggy despite being kept afloat on great slightly beer battered chips. The sauce and topping of cheese were tasty, but a little stingy, which pronounced the issue with the crumb. They do a nice salad here, but it is not the guest of honour!

I don’t really make a habit of writing about pub food. There are few places that without the crowd, the footy and the beer that you would be going back to purely for the food. That’s not to say that it can’t live in your memory and be special in its own way.

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