Everyday Coffee – Collingwood – Sunday 29 June 2014 – Breakfast

20140710-132334-48214453.jpgEvery time we drive past Everyday Coffee on Johnston Street in Collingwood it is busy. I take that as a good sign, especially when it has been the case for an extended period of time.

To explain, our drive from Richmond to our all-time favourite (Pope Joan), takes us past great cafes like The Fair, Three Bags Full, Proud Mary, Hammer and Tong, and several others. You get a good impression over time as to whether one of the ones on the way is worth stopping for!

What we didn’t realise on our drive was how limited the breakfast menu is at Everyday Coffee. It is literally two choices of muesli and a couple of bagels, along with some pastries on offer. Luckily we are both big fans of muesli and ordered the cranberry and hazelnut option. A similar concept is used with the croissants at Brunswick East Project.

While we waited I tried the coffee. With such a focus on coffee you would expect something to write home about and Everyday Coffee provides inspiration for the script. I’m not sure if it had something to do with the fact I’d just got back from a generally lower level of coffee appreciation in the USA, but my long black was well made, flavoursome and had good strength, but in balance.

Some of my friends think going to a cafe for muesli is a bit unusual. If I was going to take them to one place to try to convert them it would be Everyday Coffee. The serve isn’t over the top (which is good). The natural yoghurt is beautifully sweetened with maple syrup, topping a delicious muesli mix filled with hazelnuts and dried cranberries, along with some fresh strawberries. Simple but delicious with every ingredient used shining.

There are many cafes in Melbourne that have a great following and this is no exception. It goes to show that offering a small selection of excellent quality food is not a hindrance, as long as it is backed by equally excellent coffee (and tea).

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