Bendigo Street Milk Bar – Richmond – Numerous Occasions – Lunch

Pulled pork roll with coleslaw

Pulled pork roll with coleslaw

I think it is time that I write a few general reviews that provide some collective comments about a typical experience at several places I go to for lunch in and around Richmond.

The first review is for Bendigo Street Milk Bar, which a best mate is one of the chefs and through him I know the owner a bit.

Bendigo is your classic work horse. There is a good selection for both breakfast and lunch and there have been a number of improvements in the time I’ve been going there.

Not trying to compliment my mate too much, I have noted vast improvement in the entire cafe over the time he’s been there.

It has gone from solid to good and seems to be busier as a result. I go back to the breakfast burrito as a favourite for the early meal but I’ve had it at lunch a couple times too. The sweet chilli that accompanies it doesn’t seem home made but does the job, the scram is fluffy and flavoursome and the wrap is structurally sound.

For lunch I’ve had the steak sandwich and the burger and they are great. The burger in particular is a chef’s burger – simple, no fuss, but complete and tasty. What I keep going back to is one of the most reasonably priced pulled pork rolls with coleslaw going around. It is delicious and consistently so.

Bendigo is by no means a coffee mecca, but the coffee is good and has improved in bounds over the past couple years.

Bendigo is a place that caters to all ages and types. It often is full of sporting royalty from SEN nearby, families, office workers, tradies and locals. The renovation makes it more comfortable despite the interesting wallpaper choice.

We’ll be going back regularly but don’t ever lose the pulled pork!

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