Kong – Richmond – Wednesday 4 June 2014 – Lunch

20140604-161631-58591920.jpgIt’s a really late time for lunch. The first week must have been good for Kong because there are several tables at 3pm just starting!

There is an air of confidence that must come from running one of the most successful restaurants in Melbourne. There’s no air of trepidation but it is that feeling that the examination is just beginning.

I was at Chin Chin for a banquet last Saturday and I’d rather not talk about it. It was probably absolute coincidence that the service and knowledge downstairs were not up to scratch. I’ll leave it at that.

Having been to the pop-up of Kong I know I love the food. I like the concept and the vibe around the food too. Walking in to the restaurant I definitely like the permanent version as well.

Unfortunately it is a quick lunch limiting me to one dish and it’s not easy to pick. In the end I have gone for the chicken ramen (wood roasted chicken with chrysanthemum, ginseng, chestnuts and fried ramen egg). The egg in particular is spectacular. The more flavoursome leg of the chicken is delicious but the breast is a bit too thick meaning the flavours haven’t penetrated as much. The broth is delicious – more complex and rich than many other ramen type soups I’ve encountered. The Korean Hite beer is good and the French marsanne is even better with it.

Next time I’ll be back to try a bit more or if it’s lunch I’ll have the ssam roti-roll or buns.

I’m sure there will be some long waits for dinner but the greatest thing about Kong will be if the quality remains long after the hype diminishes.

Kong BBQ on Urbanspoon


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