Nieuw Amsterdam – Melbourne, City – Saturday 24 May 2014 – Lunch

Jerk chicken

Jerk chicken

American barbeque seems to be grabbing hold of Melbourne and I didn’t even realise it! What I thought was unique around here in Meatmother, has been starting to spread itself around.

The latest instalment I have tried is Nieuw Amsterdam. It might have the facade of simplicity done well, but there is more to doing a great barbeque than slapping some meat on a plate with some accompaniments. More than that, I think adding the Melbourne sensibility helps – as flavoursome, but not quite as large!

Nieuw Amsterdam is in a big space and it feels like they’ve taken a big risk. It is a nice place to eat – striking dark wood the feature. The service is professional but without the quiet confidence you often find.

We were having a catch up after a long time between drinks so we didn’t order for ages after we’d arrived. But I knew what I wanted. I had been on a pulled pork diet during the week so I needed to mix things up and the Jerk Chicken caught my attention straight away. Catherine order the brisket. There is also a pork belly chops option for the bbq trays and you are served the meat with a red cabbage salad tossed with some chilli, mash potato, sauce, pickle, and some bread and butter.

The chicken was perfectly cooked maintaining its juiciness, and the combination of spices used as a rub is delicious. The mash is great with a beautiful consistency, no doubt from lots of butter! I love the large pickle – enough for each bite, and the simple cabbage salad kept things fresh. I tasted the brisket too and it was absolutely delicious – melting in the mouth!

Nieuw Amsterdam is by no means a copycat. Finally we are getting great North American food from both sides of the Mexican border. The more the better – especially at these prices!

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One thought on “Nieuw Amsterdam – Melbourne, City – Saturday 24 May 2014 – Lunch

  1. Hi there! Loved reading about Nieuw Amsterdam. I was wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions over email, would you mind sending me a note at the address provided? Thank you!


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