Hihou – Melbourne, City – Wednesday 16 April 2014 – Dinner

Hihou dog

Hihou dog

I need to admit that the first time I looked for Hihou, I couldn’t find it! This time I was prepared and, more importantly, booked in for a quick meal before Wil Anderson’s comedy festival show.

I need to admit that I came for the dog (and a beer… or two!) A big fan of Izakaya Den, and with a lot of press of its own, I was expecting reasonably big things. Earlier in the day I had not thought twice about going to a mediocre Japanese take-away style restaurant for lunch as I was expecting Hihou to be the polar opposite of your standard Japanese. It most certainly is!

Three of us shared a kingfish ceviche, and some duck crepes. In addition, we had a Hihou dog all of our own. The kingfish ceviche was zingy and fresh as it should be. The duck crepes were beautifully presented with the ingredients separated – pieces of lightly cooked duck nice and pink, light crepes, spring onion and plum sauce. Absolutely delicious. Gladly, the Hihou dog didn’t get overshadowed. Brioche hotdog roll, with delicious kim chi topped pork sausage – elevated flavours – but perfect with the Orion draught beer. It was a touch on the small side but I’ve always gone for quality, even if it costs $12!

You need to watch out for some of the prices for wine by the glass because the price to quality ratio drops very quickly. Service is efficient, but it is really a bar so attentiveness is not restaurant quality, and I think it is best for a quick bite and beer. It’s attractive in a classic sense, but also for its point of difference. I’m not hooked, but I’ll be back for a dog… or two.

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