Yellow – Potts Point – Sunday 13 April 2014 – Breakfast

From reasonable experience, Potts Point, just around the corner from Sydney’s infamous King’s Cross is a combination of hipsters and really hungover waitstaff on a Sunday morning! It was not looking good at Yellow with the initial welcome, but we decided to chance our arm given we made the walk through the train station, and even more tentative walk through King’s Cross mid-morning on a Sunday.

We were pleasantly surprised. We didn’t have to wait for a table, the food was fantastic, and waitstaff were friendly.

Scrambled eggs, bacon and tomatoes

Scrambled eggs, bacon and tomatoes

My scrambled eggs, bursting with cherry tomatoes throughout, and with home smoked bacon on the side that was thick cut and rich, was absolutely delicious and the sour dough was a feature, as opposed to a filler.

The coffee was good but the wait for the first was even longer for the second, to the point where I thought it had been forgotten and rather than wait any longer we organised the bill, only to find it still on there! The hangover had taken effect!

I would be extremely close to going back to Yellow purely for the food. I can understand when a cafe is raw, but in this case it was a bit flat. Perhaps we came after a particularly big night; perhaps we didn’t!

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