Viet Hoa – Northbridge – Friday 28 March 2014 – Dinner

I live minutes from Victoria Street in Melbourne. My taste for Vietnamese developed from several visits to Viet Hoa in the inner north of Perth. It has had crowds for years and the recipe for its success has thankfully never changed, even though the number of similar restaurants in the area has multiplied several times in line with the growing food and eating out culture of a booming city.

There is nothing exceptional about the broth of each pho, just a solid straightforward mildly salty and flavoursome backbone for your choice of raw beef, tripe, prawn, pork, chicken, dumplings, wantons, or a combination thereof. The ingredients used are again solid. Freshness is guaranteed by the crowds that even on a Monday night can be lining up for short periods.

This is classic get-in-get-out dining, with the opportunity to bring-your-own a favourable addition. Don’t rely on a local bottle shop though. I had to run three blocks to the closest one in Northbridge! The various phos are the go-to dish with the many, many other dishes to pad the menu for those more into “Australian” Chinese rather than more classical Vietnamese. The starters are okay but not necessary given the speed you are served your main.

Sincere thanks for a restaurant that is a friendly introduction to the great food that goes hand in hand with Vietnamese culture. I’m sure it will still be the same in a decade.

Viet Hoa Northbridge on Urbanspoon


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