Romulus and Remus – Richmond – 1 March 2014 – Lunch

Quick review of the lunches and dinner I’ve had here

I find it amusing that we were waiting for so long for this restaurant to open and that the anticipation was so immense! After all, it is an inner city cheap and cheerful all-purpose Italian joint.

The reason behind this was the sign, put up some time in late Autumn 2013 that R&R would be open in “Winter 2013”. More of a joke, we counted down the days, and became concerned in late August when the doors had not yet opened. It wasn’t until late Spring that R&R made the scary entry into the world of restaurants.

While the fanfare was probably limited to my work colleagues and I, we have certainly provided some loyalty despite the lack of punctuality. It started with a dinner of about 16 people and has led to some lunches of 6-10 on a couple of occasions.
Each time, capable staff (sometimes quite numerous compared to the number of tables), good quality food, and a comfortable place to eat, have greeted us and made the trip worthwhile.

I wouldn’t say the food is basic suburban Italian. It has some accents through a diverse menu; there are always specials; the pizzas are safe and effective; and the quality meets the price-point at an even keel. There’s reasonably priced wine and good quality coffee too.

R&R has not sought to compete with the Osteria down the road which on the one occasion I’ve really enjoyed but is in a different genre, nor does it want the one hat action of the Grand. It is the type of place that Richmond needs. Something that is reasonable, but not ordinary; all-purpose but not plain. I’m glad that it finally opened.

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