Lake House – Daylesford – Sunday 23 March 2014 – Breakfast

One of the delights of staying at the Lake House in Daylesford is getting to enjoy the breakfast.

Normally I find hotel and resort breakfast to be a poor cousin of the local cafes where value and flavour are much more aligned. The difference here is I have no idea what it costs (it is part of the package) and you get to have your breakfast to your order and to your liking. Not just an omelette station, but your full breakfast.

Lake House breakfast

Lake House breakfast

The choices are broad. I went with poached eggs, crispy bacon, tomatoes and baked beans. It is no ordinary breakfast. The bacon is from Istra and is thin, crisp and beautiful. The baked beans have feta through them along with a lot of Istra chorizo.

The continental buffet has fresh fruits, including some of the best passionfruit I’ve had recently; a good selection of cereals and mueslis; several types of breads; and most pastries you would expect.

You also have coffee to order (Vittoria) which is reasonable, but the tea selection (many by La Maison) are the better choice.

When I go to the Hyatt in Perth I BYO weetbix – it is more satisfying than mostly bain marie options for hots and a very standard selection of cereals, breads, pastries and fruit. When I go to Lake House, dinner is not the only place to be excited. Breakfast is an experience of itself. Just don’t forget (like some innocent diners next to us) that at dinner you don’t need to get your own bread!

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