Inner Biscuit – Kyneton – Monday 24 March 2014 – Cake

It is a thirty minute drive from where we are staying.  We do not think twice about setting off for Inner Biscuit which is the home of one of the most memorable cakes I’ve had.

Kyneton is a gourmet destination in itself.  It is home to Annie Smithers and Mr Carsisi, as well as several other heavenly cafes and restaurants (Pizza Verde included).  They are all walking distance to each other with craft, antique and clothing stores dotted between, making the strip feel like one of the villages in Melbourne.

When we arrive it is a quiet Monday morning and unfortunately the pistachio and chocolate mousse cake is not available.  Never mind.  There is a great looking lemon tart and orange and almond cake to try.

The lemon tart in particular, is incredible.  Light lemon on top a crisp base makes the most simple but perfect combination.  As we pay our bill we applaud the tart and hear it is new and is a “Roux” recipe that is gluten free.  There’s a tip if you’re intolerant.  The orange and almond cake was moist, quite subtly flavoured, and in the shadow of the former slice, but still very good.

There is nothing wrong with going out of your way on a detour for cake perfection, especially when you have a Monday off!

Inner Biscuit on Urbanspoon


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