Sasa’s Cafe – Hawthorn – 27 February 2014

I’m not sure about this place.  Maybe that’s because the person who took me to this place wasn’t sure about this place and that lack of opinion is confusing.

When I go to a cafe for lunch during work that I haven’t heard of I don’t expect much.  I hope the coffee is going to be okay.  I know most of the places that have the “best” coffee in Melbourne so if it’s not one of these I can set my expectations a bit lower.  I hope the food will be okay.  If I get something I hope it will be reasonably tasty, and filling enough to keep me going at work.  I like to hope that with my experience I choose dishes that will not place the kitchen into confusion and are simple enough to do quickly and do well.

Sasa’s Cafe ticks the above pass mark boxes.

The pleasant surprise was the espresso wasn’t too bad, and the marinated lamb sandwich with pumpkin on ciabatta was very good.  Sometimes I think that is why I’m not much of a critic.

If I were a critic I would say that over 50 (it is actually a lot more but I do not exaggerate for effect) dishes on a lunch / all day breakfast menu is too much for a small place to cope with, and too unfocussed for any place to contemplate.  Add to that the fact you can have your sandwich on focaccia, ciabatta roll, roti, and four other vessels, and you have a very diverse menu!  I probably would mention that I eat my sandwich with my hands, but if I am going to use cutlery I’m not sure why I received a spoon?  And I would also mention that my espresso cup was pretty dirty.

The other people I was with got eggs florentine, butter chicken, and calamari.  If I was trying to prove a point I just did.

In conclusion, I would say that if you are in the area or nearby, this place is not a bad option.  I’m still not sure if I’d go back.  Neither are the people I dined with. However, if you are not sure whether you feel like Italian, Indian, breakfast, or a sandwich, you might like to consider Sasa’s Cafe.

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The beginning

I’ve tried to start a food blog before, but have failed!

I eat out regularly, mix it up as much as I can, and travel a lot so this is the way I look forward to recording my experiences.

In some way, every day, my life revolves around food – not for sustenance so much as for fun, enjoyment and sharing the experience with my favourite people!

I hope you enjoy!